Indigenous in AI is an affinity group that was founded at the prestigious NeurIPS 2020 conference. Their vision is to build an international community of Native, Aboriginal, and First Nations who can collectively transform their home communities with advanced machine learning technology. They believe that elevating the voices of Indigenous researchers, they can also educate on contemporary indigenous issues relevant to information technology and practices.

Because we believe in their impactful work, Natives in Tech is proud to support Indigenous in AI’s mission as a fiscal sponsor within Open Collective. Indigenous in AI seeks support to provide travel scholarships to Indigenous AI researcher students to attend the prestigious NeurIPS and ICML 2022 conferences (which are expected to be in person). “Normally Indigenous voices are very rare at these international conferences because tickets and travel are expensive,” Michael Running Wolf, founder of Indigenous in AI, explained. With representation at AI conferences Indigenous in AI will transform the AI field and Native communities according to Michael: “Our goal is to advance critical research relevant to Indigenous communities by elevating Natives at these important conferences.”

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