You heard that right! We are partnering with Coding Dojo to provide full-ride scholarships to Native persons interested in pursuing a full-stack boot camp program.

What does this mean?

Coding Dojo will provide scholarships to Native persons interested in becoming a software developer. This scholarship will cover all of the tuition. In turn, Natives in Tech will provide a support network for students going through the program. NiT has over 75 Native and non-Native developers in our Slack workspace with backgrounds ranging from web development to machine learning from all over Indian Country. Coding boot camps are extremely rigorous and require 60+ hours a week commitment from participants. There are highs but many more lows. NiT will provide the support network to help encourage participants along their path as well as find local mentors in the participant's area to help support them as well.

How Can You Help? (Individual)

If you are a Native person already in tech, join us on our Slack channel. Our goal is to create a broad network that spans all of Indian Country so that a person going through the boot camp will have a community they can go to for help whether for technical support or guidance.

How Can you Help? (Business)

If you are a business, NiT is looking for remote-first companies who are open to providing paid internships or jobs to the students after graduation. If you are interested in supporting this way then reach out to our email account and let us know how you would like to support this effort.

What Now?

This is just the first step in the process. In the coming weeks, we will create an application for students so they can be considered for this program. In the meantime join us on Slack.

Continue the Conversation

NiT Partnering with Coding Dojo
I wrote up a short post about our partnership with Coding Dojo. You can read that here: I want to answer any questions people have about this opportunity. There are still many details that need to be ironed out but I should be able to answer most questions.