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Outreachy is hiring!
Outreachy is hiring a Open Source Intern in Remote on the Native Talent in Tech job board.
Close is hiring!
Close is hiring a Customer Support Executive - North America CT/MT (100% Remote) in Remote on the Native Talent in Tech job board.


Feb 13 2021 - NiT Meetup

NiT Meetup on Feb. 13th
Update 02/02/2021: Added the time of the event, 2pm CDT We had our very first meetup a few weeks ago and it went well! At our first meetup Ian Her Many Horses [] discussed a software application he was building to help students learn how tobuild games. At our …

Feb 16 2021 - LATech4Good

Ready to fight for equity and ethics in your data projects? Want to learn actionable tools you can use in your work? Apply now to join LA Tech4Good’s  Equity & Ethics in Data Workshop Series at
LA Tech4Good is convening a second cohort of data practitioners to collaboratively learn about and work toward solutions to issues of equity and ethics in data analytics, data science, machine learning, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and technology tools. The goal is for practitioners to apply learnings from this solution-oriented workshop to their specific projects, in order to foster a more equitable tech and data ecosystem in Los Angeles.

Feb 20 2021 - Global Diversity CFP Day

global diversity CFP day
Are you a member of an underrepresented or marginalised group? Have you always wanted to become a tech conference speaker? Let this be the year that you make that dream a reality!


Libraries Without Borders

Have you struggled to access internet or a computer this year or do you know someone who doesn't know how to go online? The Humanity in Action Fellowship is offering $250 or the equivalent value of a computer/hotspot to any individual who is interested in talking publicly about their experience with the digital divide. For more information, contact Adam Echelman at 508 904 9041 or email him at

Adam is the Executive Director of Libraries Without Borders, where he works to end the digital divide. Through a fellowship, he is currently leading an effort to help share stories about the digital divide from the perspective of folks who have struggled to access the internet this year or who have lacked a computer (or not known how to use it). He is identifying 20 people from across the US who are interested in sharing their stories with him. Then, he'll work with each person to get that story into the media, either through an Op Ed, interview, podcast, or other format. Participants will receive either a $250 stipend or a computer and WiFi hotspots of the equivalent value. You can see a full description here. Feel free to call him directly at 508 904 9041 if you're interested.

A través de la organización Bibliotecas sin Fronteras, Adam está actualmente liderando un esfuerzo para ayudar a compartir historias sobre la brecha digital desde la perspectiva de personas que han tenido dificultades acceder a Internet este año o que no han tenido una computadora (o no saben cómo usar eso). Está identificando a 20 personas de todo Estados Unidos que estén interesadas en compartir sus historias con él. Luego, trabajará con cada persona para llevar esa historia a los medios, ya sea a través de un artículo de opinión, una entrevista, un podcast u otro formato. Los participantes recibirán un estipendio de $ 250 o una computadora y puntos de acceso WiFi por el valor equivalente. Puedes ver una descripción completa aquí. Llamalo a 508 904 9041 si le interesa.

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