Stvnko este omvlkv! Greetings everyone! I wanted to announce we are using a new blogging platform: Ghost CMS. Instead of using Medium or trying to create a great reading experience on the website, we are leveraging an excellent open source solution that we own end-to-end. With an improved blogging and administration experience, my hope is that we also get more contributors to the blog to increase the amount of articles we write per month. Currently, we write once every few months but it would be nice to see this pick up more. All previous subscribers were moved over to Ghost CMS and anyone new who wants to subscribe can do so by clicking the subscribe button in the top right corner.

There are also many other things going on that I would like to make you all aware of: v2.0

We are hard at work on the next version of the Natives in Tech website. The first version of the website was made using the Phenomic framework. In order to get more contributors to the project as well as work with a stable API, we are moving everything over to the NextJS framework with TypeScript support and styling using TailwindCSS. These are frameworks that are very familiar to the larger frontend development community so we hope more people are encouraged to get involved. You can find the roadmap using the link below to learn more what's left to do.

Roadmap v2 · Issue #83 · nativesintech/
Background It has been about a year since the site has been developed and it needs some improvements from an aesthetic as well as a functional point of view. I think the site can be improved in two...

Native in Tech Conf 2020

At the beginning of the year we had high hopes for this years conference to be onsite. We were even in discussions with the River Spirit Casino to see how this would be possible. However, there wasn't quite enough volunteers to make it happen so we are going to have the conference again be remote this year. This is probably a good idea as well with the pandemic discouraging travel. We haven't settled on a theme but we plan to meet as a group soon and get the word with a call for proposals sometime next month.

Natives in Tech, Inc. by-laws on GitHub

Our nonprofit, Natives in Tech, recently updated our by-laws as posted them to GitHub. You can find them using the link below. In the future, we will also be posting our meeting minutes so all that we do is fully transparent to the community.

Contribute to nativesintech/nonprofit-governance development by creating an account on GitHub.

Coding Dojo Update

Right before the pandemic hit, we were working with Coding Dojo to offer full-ride scholarships to Native students for either online or face-to-face instruction. These plans had to be suspended but we were told by Coding Dojo that once normalcy resumed we would pick back up these conversations. We look forward to working with Coding Dojo in the future and we will provide an update here once things start rolling along again.


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