Natives in Tech is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This means your donations are tax deductible. In the past, we had a few ways in which to contribute but we've consolidated those down to just two: Amazon Smile and Open Collective.

Amazon Smile is a program that allows consumers to choose which nonprofit receives donations based on the products you purchase online. In order to set Natives in Tech, Inc. as the organization you choose to receive donations go to the link below.

AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives.

For more information about how Amazon Smile works visit the link below.

How Does AmazonSmile Work (and Should You Use It)?
AmazonSmile can help both charities and socially conscious consumers. Learn what it is, how it works, and the pros and cons.

Lastly, we have Open Collective. Open Collective is a platform that allows organizations to transparently show donors where an organizations funds are being spent. It accepts one-time and re-occurring donations. At the end of each month, donors receive an email notification of the financial contributions. In order to donate to Natives in Tech, visit the link below.

Natives in Tech - Open Collective
Natives in Tech is a coalition of Native and non-Native technologists whose goal is to support technology that reinforces Native culture.

For more information on how it works go to the link below.

Open Collective

We truly appreciate the support of all of our donors! We want to continue to grow and expand Natives in Tech, our resources, our reach, and our impact. Thank you!

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