We've just launched an app that tells you the traditional and/or contemporary indigenous lands on which you reside and it's powered by native-land.ca.

This Land I Stand
A desktop app that tells you the traditional and/or contemporary lands you reside on. Powered by native-land.ca.

The way that it works is when someone goes to the site, it gets the user's IP address, does a quick geolocation lookup to find the latitude and longitude of that IP address, then makes a request to native-land's API with the latitude and longitude to get back the territories. You can learn more about how the app works at our GitHub repo.

An app that tells you the traditional territory on which you stand. API support via https://native-land.ca - nativesintech/thislandistand.app

This app was inspired by an SMS bot that does the same thing. You text the bot and it returns the territories based on your phone number. This app just streamlines the process a bit and does a lot of the work behind the scenes in the user's browser.

We'd like to take what we've learned from this app and apply it to the Native in Tech site in some way. Either through a banner or some other way to let the user know what traditional lands they reside on when they visit our site.

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This Land I Stand
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